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Raegan Ballard Jul 2014
I need you.
To break my heart.
To leave me torn to shreds.
To expose my nerves to the harshness.
I can not bear to do it.
My brain holds on to the thoughts.
And texts,
And memories.
I've held on so long now,
I barely feel my fingers.
I need you.
To break my heart.
Or save me.
Raegan Ballard Jul 2014
I'm seared,
The red of passion drains
To dark, dusty black
The lingering oxygen teasingly close.
I'm tired,
Hacking coughs
And over worked from nothing.
You rubbed your eyes at the burning glare
Of energy untamed.
And now you leave
When only my coals remain.
Raegan Ballard Apr 2014
Nothing else can compare to
The feeling of someone loving you
An interesting mix of
Pressure to be worth it
Relief that you aren't so bad after all.
Raegan Ballard Mar 2014
The toxic smoke of your words
Fills my lungs
My stifled response leaves
A foul taste on my tongue
The heat of you seared my flesh
And now I'm charred
Brushed aside like ashes
I hope my dust
Fills your lungs
That every forced word burns
Your parched throat
Because only my tears can
Soothe the ache
And you can't have them
Raegan Ballard Jan 2014
The problem is
That we wish
To possess
and not appreciate.
and in the end,
All will be destroyed
Raegan Ballard Jan 2014
In a world
Where everyone wants
To live forever.
I kinda want to die young.
Raegan Ballard Dec 2013
I don't know where I'm going
And I'm starting to realize that's okay.
I'm coming to terms with the fact,
That life is a long, winding, unpaved highway.
And no matter what.
I can't let go of the wheel.
I'm coming to terms with the fact,  
That I don't need to know.
I just have to keep going.
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