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396 · Mar 2019
leslie Mar 2019
Needless to say I like the silence
But not complete silence
Nor the artificial silence with the buzzing and energy made by the 21 st century
I like the authentic silence created by pure nature
The whispers of the voices in your head
The hush tone of the wind talking to the trees
But most of all the loneliness that is provided
Because sometimes I like being alone and feeling sad
That way I at least know I can feel something
But that’s not the point
Authenticity is nice but sometimes lying hurts less and sometimes I like that too
i can’t help but feel a little hollow
150 · May 2018
Radio Silence
leslie May 2018
Stop, listen
But you don't hear because you're not Listening
Static fills the mind
And suddenly you're not you
The lights blind your face
Your fear takes over your mind
And now you've become someone else
But you call and try to get back to yourself
You hope someone out there listens to you
But if no one hears you
Did you make any sound at all?
147 · Apr 2018
leslie Apr 2018
I'll miss you when you'll be gone
Not that I'll ever tell you that

No one to walk with me when my thoughts lurk in the dark corners of the city

No one to laugh at my jokes that hardly anyone gets

But I let you go, live your dreams,  See the world through your eyes

Tell you I'll be happy that you're gone, when my heart sinks to my toes and I want to run never looking back

Don't say good bye just don't say anything or my eyes will make an ocean

Don't leave me here
Please, just hold me and guide me in your steps

Don't go
118 · Jul 2019
10 Seconds of Reality
leslie Jul 2019
I like to sit alone in the dark
The only noises are my breath and the buzzing outside my window
With my mind going blank a feeling of loneliness hits me
I realize I don’t have much in my life to keep me whole and it hurts
I feel ostracized from everything and everyone
My heart squeezes in my chest and suddenly my body grows relaxed
The lights flick on the buzzing of electricity returns and I’m normal again

— The End —