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Rabab Khan Feb 2013
One day
I’ll wake up
In the middle of the night
3 am on the clock but
I can’t sleep
I feel
So lonely
Then I turn over and
Find you sleeping next to me
One day
The loneliness will go away
And 3 am
Won’t be such a miserable time anymore
Rabab Khan Dec 2012
Time doesn’t move any faster or slower, you see that don’t you?
Change, change determines the pace of your life and mine.
To the passing of years; the fading memories;
I grow indifferent just like you,
And you, and you.
They flow on,
The sands,
They do,
But will anything really be any different this year?
Rabab Khan Dec 2012
Hello Poetry
I know I’ve ignored you
Put the voices aside
Trying to silence them
Throttle them
Choke them
Well, I’m listening now
Will you take me back?
Rabab Khan Dec 2012
I asked,
Love may blight your life,
cause the light to fade,
and the days to darken.
A moment’s joy,
a lifetime of pain.
Why do you stay where
only sorrows reside?
He replied,
I love.

— The End —