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r h e a Apr 2011
United in ties
were the joy's of growing up together
enjoying friendship, sharing sorrows
expressing concern delight
endured to Us by the intimacy of years........

Guiding us through this long period
was the same parental ***** we belonged to.
A witness to All,
that sheltered happiness, strife, good will

We, want to follow a commandment
that says-man should love his neighbour
as natural as breathing, but,
We found substitue's???
Now, in confusion,
strife, sorrow and misery
Where are "We" ?
The "We" that used to be
flesh of the same flesh,
blood of the same blood.
How, more false
can we be,
as natural
as breathing easily???
r h e a Apr 2011
soul mates
with the same aspirations,
imagination and
a spontaneous dislike
of ties and rules.

love one another
absurd social obligations
or imprisonment.

understand one another immediately
and[fell] fall in love...again and again and Yet again.....


are crossed for ever????.
r h e a Mar 2011
When the morning sun
Streaks across my room
And I've waken up
>From another dream of you
Yes I'm on the road
Once again it seems
All I've left behind
Is a chain of broken dreams

But you know I love you
Yes I love you
Oh I love you

How I wish that love
were all we'd need live
What a life we'd have
Cause I've got so much to give
And it seems so wrong
Deep inside my heart
That the dollar sign
Should be keeping us apart

But you know I love you
Yes I love you
Oh I love you

And if I could only find my way back to the time
When the problems of this life of mine didn't cross our minds
All the answers were found in children's nursery rhymes
I'd come running back to you
I'd come running back to you

And you know we can't
Live on dreams alone
Just to pay the rent
I must leave you all alone
But you know I made my choice
Many years ago
Now this traveling life
Is the only one I know

REFRAIN (four times)But you know I love you
Yes I love you
Oh I love you

REFRAIN (three times while fading)But you know I love you
Yes I love you
Oh I love you;=related
r h e a Mar 2011
He tenderly draws
and invites Me,
mind you each one of us
He loves, comforts
protects and delivers us,
from all confusion[s]
embalms our oppressed sorrows
Hold on to your peace
and endure without doubt
your tribulations
Talk to him
with a clear conscience
dont worry who is with you
Or against you,
He's to be the only object
of your hope and assurance
No man's malice can hurt
Let God be
your Epitome
your["eye"] "i"
[I] specialist
r h e a Mar 2011
Give me your help Lord,
To live this one day.
One knot to unravel;
One problem to weigh.

One path to discover
To choose the right way.

One worry to conquer;
One lesson to learn.

One moment of gladness
To overcome pain.
One glimpse of the sunlight;
One touch of the rain.

No one can see into tomorrow;
Will our fate be joy or sorrow?
So I’ll turn to your love

And with perfect trust say,

“Give me your help Lord
To Live this one day.”

Everyday :O]
r h e a Mar 2011
Far away....
      in a distant land,
You will see
        the writing of
my hand.

My face
      You may never
                               see :(
Dear Love
                         Do think of Me
r h e a Mar 2011
You Coloured
                              my World
                                                  and gifted me Dreams
Of Our sweet moments
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