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qyrah Mar 2016
I'm waiting.
waiting for the integral fear of losing the imprinted words cast my way,
to fade.
I'm waiting for you to wash over every atom of my being like nostalgia lit on the death of a savored queen or that of a wise minister.
and by the end of time and time again i want the etched, flustered inkling to overcome the distress cause by the blink of the oceans wrench.

all i really want you ask me despite all this?

is to live.
qyrah Feb 2016
and then she fell straight into the depths of the ***
the boiling *** that held contents of regret and anxiousness
and she kept drowning and drowning into the depths of the tarnished water
and as she drowns, what passes by never seizes to amaze her,
rather what she feels is like she is on fire, inside water
and her soul is being snatched away
like thread being pulled out of a stitched beautiful white gown
and her wings get completely soaked in her own tears and they get torn about by the fangs of hatred and jealousy endowed in her.
"oh what a pity!" they would ponder every time they glanced at her
but sympathy is the last thing she would ever want
because in all honesty all she wanted was to be someones first choice
she anted to be an everlasting desire.
but in the end her anticipation would come to an end, as soon as her body would touch the base of the ***.
qyrah Feb 2016
In a messed up world
Where money is gold
And respect is gone for the old
How do you expect me to mold
Where trust is a gone case
And money and fame are all you would have ever wanted
In a place where peer pressure is shamed
Even though we are all pressured peers
Where body, hair and face is all that matters
And smiles are taken for granted
Children are slaughtered
Elders don’t matter.
Where there is no one to miss      
For attention could be your sole bliss
When the best get away would be to be in a deep slumber
Away from judging eyes and first world problems
Then to be awake and fully cautioned
All we want is to be known
To be grown in a place where money falls like rain
Fake people, fake smiles, and fake relationships
So please tell me how you want me to live in a place
Where the air is contaminated with selfishness and greed
Where breaking hearts is considered to be “cool”
And bodies are left uncovered for selfless people to drool.
In this society doll faces are wanted and
Dark people are known as unfortunate
Where race, gender and caste define you
Save me from what I am forced to become
And forgive me for not following your muddy footsteps leading to mindless conceptions
Because I refuse to let your demons swallow this earth with tarnished imbecilic opinions
I want to make my own footsteps that leave engraved pleasure.

qyrah Oct 2015
He woke up every night
Bringing all his might to life,
Although the memory that scarred him
Never left the empty hallways,
Breaking every window that brought in light.

Nothing would overcome,
His soul that turned numb.
No more laughter, no more tears
Only still emptiness that now filled his miseries.

His face turned pale
And his body would crave,
Tortures of silence and blank spaces
Even though his soul ached to end the nuisance.
qyrah Oct 2015
They said she shined, extremely beautifully
                                                Just like the moon.
But the moon illuminated the sun's light.
                                               So who was her ball of fire?
qyrah Oct 2015
Through the woods
Behind the shelter
He was the only one,
Who kept her.

He was the leader,
The Alpha from the preacher.

Something changed him,
People said :
She had made him

They said
She changed everything,
From the brutal ego, scarred skin
to the shattered heart.

He lived now
And by every second he would grow
Into a peaceful beast.

After all what was a Luna for?
qyrah Oct 2015
Everyday she fell asleep
to the astonishing silence
That shut the brightness of her soul,
To an extent
Where she heard the silent screams,
Of her throbbing heart.

As each day passed, it got worse.
The faint murmurs turned into roars,
Echoing through the empty hallways
Where you would find lonely shadows
Desperate for any hope that screamed, "adaptation".

And by every push, there would come laughter,
Reflexing away everything that mattered.
The venue of her soul now became a place she feared, to the practice of anticipation.

The profanities that came closer to the heartbreaking truth, punished her.

Although the only thing that made her smile was the pain, in itself.

— The End —