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PYRO Jan 2021
I don't know where I'm headed
but I'd rather be there with you
PYRO May 2020
The scars that run the deepest
Show the secrets behind your pain
And I know you will always be here for me
You said it yourself there is no "I" in team
PYRO May 2020
Did I really have to flush down my memories with the drugs?
It's just that I find comfort in the adrenaline rush
Why should I not take my next hit?
What am I saving my lungs for?

So on this jet I'm about to take flight
A flicker of light as I take in my first height
I've never been this high before
I've never seen the world for what it's for

I abuse the drugs so much they start to use me
They tell me when to speak when to eat heck even when to sleep
I'm enthused by the rush that I feel when I take that first puff
In my blood stream the toxins they rush
PYRO May 2020
A troubled soul who couldn't tell you what her problem was
She couldn't pinpoint the root that kept her grounded
But she would tell you to break a branch from her tree
She wasn't afraid to be naked, to be without her leaves...
PYRO Aug 2019
A right that turned wrong
Upon us was a storm
Came back together when we parted
Now stuck in the debris of our love
PYRO Jul 2019
You standing over there
In your mind without a care
A glance turned into a glare
Say it's simple but I cannot even bare
The thought of you sitting next to me
And loving me but just as friends
PYRO Jul 2019
The light that you speak about me on
Is so bright that I am blinded
Not so often comes a frame of time
That I am not thinking about you

I'm rock climbing to your heart but
One of the pieces fell to the ground
They smeared across the floor as I watched
I didn't panic because like a diamond I'll love you to pieces
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