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Slow and cold breeze,
Gushing in her face,
Standing on the window,
She happily thinks of her good old days,
Gently caressing her hair.
Now that marriage looms on her head,
The simple thought of sharing space with an unknown,
Sends shivers down her vein.
Her fears are not unfounded,
She doesn’t know him,
And now she has to change herself to the tune of her husband,
Life is harsh.
But maybe not for her,
Maybe she gets the whole new world to explore with her husband.
She looks up from the window,
The moon smiled at her,
She thanked her in anticipation.
My love for you is your laugh in leisure,
Your leisurely laugh is all I have.
Just hold onto one secret my baby,
Never tell about us to anyone.
I don’t want another heartbreak,
I live in fear,
For people may question your loyalty.
She said,
Take care.
How shall I make her understand,
I have to take her care.
Ticket collector asked for the tickets
I handed over to him two tickets,
He asked,
Where is the other passenger?
Gazing over the horizon,
I replied with heavy heart,
I am with myself.
You had just stepped into my life,
How can I let you go?
Please stay awake baby. Please.
Take a sip of coffee,
While I make your bed.
Do not utter a word,
You may lose energy.
Don’t worry sweetheart,
I can read your eyes.
Yes, I will switch on the fan,
And put a blanket on you.
Take a sip of coffee,
While I make your bed.
No one can fool me now,
She taught me well.
I saw a hand in her hand
Yes I witnessed my fall in broad daylight.
Nothing to worry about my dear,
I won’t let you realise my fall.
I love you,
I have never asked anything in return.
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