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Heaven on earth
I found in your arms.
The light to my darkness
I found in your eyes.
In your caress
I found solace.
To the end of my distress
I found you flawless,
if only in my eyes.
Day in and day out
you were the only thing
that made me want to shout
“stop making me sing”
About love and even more
as if you even paid me attention.
However only you could
make me do what I should,
and sometimes what I shouldn’t.
My love, my light,
only you could make me feel
like such a sight.
Only you can make me laugh
at the most simple things.
Only you, could make me
come back to you.
Once I believed I was destined for loneliness
Until you walked into my life like a sudden storm.
My love was like a calm breeze before but after you
It became a tornado on an open sea.
Few have found what I found in you,
A friend, a lover, a soul-mate.
You swept me off my feet
And let me dangle off a cliff,
Afraid to fall, but knowing if I did
You would be there to catch me.
My other half, you kept me at a distance
And that hurt me, because you didn’t know
That I needed you now more than ever.
After too long you came to me
Took me into your arms, held me, then kissed me
And told me you were sorry for pushing me away.
You told me you needed me
Just as I need you now.
Ice cream sundaes became our go-to thing
Our first real date, you were perfect.
Flowers, chocolates and many more things, too many to count,
You made me feel as if I was the only ******* earth.
Thank you Love, for everything
Even if it was only in my dreams.
Red and gold
brave and bold
while we do something idiotic
it usually stops someone psychotic

It's a battle royale set in 1984
and furthermore
as you know I'm sure,
that's 5 more points for Gryffindor!

Found at Hogwarts
in the wizarding courts.
The zero turned hero
defeats Lord Voldemort

— The End —