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Princess Dawn Jun 2013
The rain starts to fall--
The darkness covers the sky
what more at night time.
Princess Dawn May 2013
Remember when you called me a traveler?
Perhaps, I knew then.
I wander under the pale blue sky
til my feet bring me to you.
I can never measure the horizon
or how long I've gone to finally
reach you.
And I have you---
too close we almost breathe each other
arms folded
and thighs twined together
I whispered to you---
"This is my destination, to you."
and remember when you called me a traveler?
Then, I start walking again.
Princess Dawn Apr 2013
How do we measure distance--
we both live from point to point
and seas in between
ships sail on the ocean floor
and we only have strong longings
that stars will move in favor of us.
We can only close our eyes
and hail
Indeed, we both love.
And one day
when we're asleep or awake from a dream
our bodies will change positions
across one path.
Princess Dawn Mar 2013
"It's my birthday!" you said.
Oh--you sure want a
Then i'll give it to you--
plainly white frost
with rainbow hued sprinkles.
"Can I eat it now?" you asked.
Oh--of course honey.
Giddy, giddy
you ate the whole
and choke.
Princess Dawn Mar 2013
The trees in mornings are the strangest.
As soon as the sun beams in the sky
and spreads its light to curtains,
they reach up for you
and long to touch your face.
The branches grow taller
and heavier
but its leaves are always gentle.
And sometimes,
we are trees
stretching our roots
to what limits us.
Princess Dawn Feb 2013
Once in a while
let us not be frightened
of ghosts living within
our bodies.
Let us forget the routines
that make our lives
Let our music be played
one afternoon
until the world hears our
pains and the things we can't contain.
Dance pirouettes—whirling gracefully,
knowing the center of the earth.
That we are the center of the earth
spinning to find one another
although we carry
the same heavy roots
of our past.
But of all these things
we are uncertain of—
let us keep ourselves boldly
with our faith
with our love.
Princess Dawn Feb 2013
Water, carry me
to the waiting shore
where he placed
his delightful heart.
Let your tides rejuvenate
his deserted hands
and fill our voids
with sands and lovely shells.

Water, carry me
fold me in his arms
as we become islands
of ourselves
trying to prolong the night---
for in the morning
when the sun is shining
and the waves are calm
we will be washed
once again,
by time and space.
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