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Today, I woke up with voices in my head.
"I'm scared" one of them says,
Another voice replies, "Shut up! we're all scared".
I hear other voices calling for help too.
They lead me on.

I hear myself asking them why I could hear them,
Why can I hear the other voices in the background?
What are you scared of?
Oh! no
What's wrong with the demoiselle?

Dead silence!!!
She looks hungry!
You all need to get her some food,
I hear a stern voice snap back at me  
"Look around,does it look like we've eaten for weeks?"

Then I really see them,
They all look tired and hungry,
I say to the demoiselle
"Here darling take this apple,
'twill make you feel better."

Timidly she stretches forth her hand
And takes the apple from my hand
And takes a bite...
I wrap my coat round her.
They all start talking again.  

They tell me that she holds the key to their future.
She is with child,
And that child would save us from him.
From whom?
Who is he gonna save you from?

They fear to call his name.
Him, that's what all they say.
They direct me to an old voice.
"He is a wise voice,
Talk to him.""

Sadly,my conversation with the old voice was rather short,
I had a lot of questions,
But I could only bring myself to asking one question
"Why?", I say to him.
Smiling in a rather amused way, he says "Why not?"

... I knew then that they'd be fine.

— The End —