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 May 2015 potato
boy meets girl.
 May 2015 potato
girl, all drenched in bathroom floors, 3 o'clock in the morning and mascara stained face, smelling of liquor bottles and boys who will never remember her name.

boy, all drenched in bed sheet linen, 3 o'clock in the afternoon and lipstick stained t-shirt, smelling of air from empty pockets and girls who will never forget his name.
What would You do when you can't have someone you want?
Would you
lift a finger and whisk it like a wand
wishing everything would fall in place
the way you'd want it to
in a tick of the clock ,
would you struggle with your brain
between finding a solution
and living inside your head, dreaming of


I would get up,
trek to a forest with my trusty machete
and hack away at the thickest bushes I could find.
I'd hack away, hack away,
and ignore the sag from my arms, the stress on my back,
the sweat pouring down my face like water off a cliff,
the unsteady footing caused by wet mud and unsteady, unsure legs.

I would keep hacking until I reach the end of my arduous quest,
where I would come upon a clearing--
A clearing with an aisle made of rose petals
that lead into the center,
surrounded by white chairs and sunflowers.
And Someone would be there,
in a white dress and veil, waiting for me.

— The End —