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Being lonely
He beats the gong again
The guard of kabiya.

        * kabiya: cabin in which kabi (fire to frighten noxious animals like stags and wild boars) is made in autumn.
The empty air made buzz
Thin wings of a dragonfly.
Firecrackers to frighten the animals.
Shadows of mountains run
On the surface of the fords.
A vine of arrowroot
Touch the cheek of a woodcutter.
Gigantic columns of clouds.
The moon
The moon
Above the snow-covered mountain
Dropped hailstones.
The green detached from the mountain
Follows the movement of the caught sweetfish.
A tree,
A tree, split with an battle-ax, sticks.
Voice of a shrike.
Autumn wind.
Two plates,
Their designs differ
The hands of a woman exist
To take out the insides of spring cuttlefishes.
Top of an eminence.
Nogikus are most largely swaying
In the wind.

— The End —