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A catfish laughs.
It thinks of other catfishes
In other ponds.
Snails copulate.
One's flesh eats into the other's.
A firefly
A firefly
Lights up
Another firefly dead.
Fences stand
In the field, habitat of snakes.
She sews clothes.
Cherry blossoms.
Working in the paddy
We see all their stamens.
Falling cicada.
Somebody has already fallen in advance.
Red plum blossoms.
A ball of air
Leaves a box.
To a pink
To a pink
The time of the tiger
Comes flying.
Fire burns grasses
And comes to lick us.
A child lick it back.
Hairs fall
Hairs fall
Also to my back.
Oh, mountains and rivers !

— The End —