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poetryaccident Feb 2020
Love was lost in the rush
to assuage the emperor's lust
the passion for certitude
that power would forever rule

lorded over with threats of ruin
for all those who would review
the wrongs committed by the king
fealty valued above all things

otherwise the gentle hearts
would recognize the siren's call
to sacrifice their very souls
on the alter of mad Cole

sequestered in the tower's heights
far above the wrong and right
there was a chance before the fall
now the land will love now more.

© 2020. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20200204.
The poem “Mad Cole” is about the madness of kings and their followers.
poetryaccident Feb 2020
I'll leave this world to you
the full breadth of latitude
and the stretch of longitude
this is bequeathed to the resolute
those who stood against the storm
bending when all others broke
the survivors with reserves of hope
now the time is of your own

all you review from mountain tops
this legacy left by those who broke
is the remittance for their sins
lest you feel cheated as a consequence
the just rewards for those who loathed
wishing others would be destroyed
now their desires have come to pass
into forevers meant to last

the others may sift the dust
this is what we are to return
some the sooner than others left
behind to wonder about mistakes made
each will take their inheritance
handed down from right to left
marking passage to the beyond
a world now left to be resolved.

© 2020. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20200203.
The poem “Bequeathed” was inspired by the song "Winter is All Over You" by First Aid Kit.
poetryaccident Feb 2020
To merely feel would be enough
this is the desire above all else
status quo denies this need
thus the masses seek release

the placebos of yesterday
no longer satisfy to the dismay
of those chasing the next fix
wishing something more than bliss

the alternative is equally sought
though adherents would surely balk
stating discomfort is not the same
it’s about the shift in the brain

one or the other is enough
the best part of life’s true drug
slipping away in aftermath
then more is sought to cure the sad.

© 2020. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20200202.
The poem “Cure the Sad” was inspired by thoughts about the need for stimulus in the typical human experience.
poetryaccident Feb 2020
Selfishness informs the lot
from the small to the large
each with desires to be sate
across the whole of the race

individuals seek to survive
asking worlds to comply
with variations of love and joy
often fitting for the flock

communities join the fray
with decisions some dismay
even as the masses cheer
for the greed others jeer

this selfishness circles round
marginalized seeking balm
pushing back to have their own
the glint of light against a storm.

© 2020. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20200201.
The poem “Glint of Life” is about the circle of selfishness.
poetryaccident Feb 2020
Flesh pressed is joy's delight
in face of lonely plight
connection deciding the outcome
beyond existence of the norm

the drudge of simple amusements pale
against the drink of delights gained
enough to fill eternity
expired in minutes with none to blame

all too transient against the thorns
thickets journeyed to explore
seeking methods to indulge
another congress for the cause

the actual nature matters not
except to scratch the loneliness
provide the light to a torch
burning at the merest touch.

© 2020. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20200131.
The poem “Expired in Minutes” is about the need and temporary nature of physical company.
poetryaccident Jan 2020
There are rooms behind the doors
that seem to offer apertures
locks waiting for a key
**** allowing quick entry

this allowance tells a lie
entry there is self-denied
even if others undertake
to explore the shuttered suites

the chambers represent
anxiety born of temperament
the prisoners are living dread
forever captured in their cells

imagination terrifies
knowing what’s on the other side
rooms in the mind are deprived
when their access is denied.

© 2020. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20200130.
The poem “Forever Captured” was inspired by the quote, “she had rooms in her mind that she would not look into.”
poetryaccident Jan 2020
I'll write some words to be read
proof of existence before I'm dead
a simple act to state the case
this poet remains in the human race

attribution is required
lest the journey become mired
stumbling without outlets found
to mutter sorrow inside a frown

cloaked in couplets misconceived
as twisted cheer in rhyming play
structure more important than the pleas
couched inside floridity

verbiage adorned purposely
knowing few will perceive
what lays beyond asks a due
demands for final perpetude.

© 2020. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20200129.
The poem “Write Some Words” is about the hidden motivations of poets.
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