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Dec 2014
Do not fall asleep:
closed eyes create an open door
that I leak through, leaving your
subconscious screaming my
And the sound will simmer,
As the light becomes dimmer—
where have I gone?
It’s quiet.
I’m a whisper.
I’m transparent,
a transient image in your mind.
The darkness of the room envelopes you;
your dreams are my coffin,
and you’re still blissfully oblivious
that my grave has been dug,
my coffin has been dropped,
and the each fading memory buries me until
I’m six feet under.  
For you, life was tranquil
and I was merely a pill
that you could have whenever
you needed to feel something—
But you no longer delve into artificial feelings;
your façade has cracked,
and there’s no turning back.
The lights are out;
darkness steals you.
Your eyes shut,
your breathing slows,
the door opens.
I’m gone.
Paige Johnston
Written by
Paige Johnston  england
   Jesse Madison
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