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Dec 2014
This is much worse than the Zombie Apocalypse
Girls giving duck faces with neon puckered lips
And flowing bronze locks and waves go on for days
I must have missed going through the pretty hair phase
Static Elecrta and Einstein combined could not compare
To the fuzzy wuzzy mad mess frizzing up called my hair
They say that eyes of course are windows to the soul
Yet they fail to mention the inner beauty of a mole
It has feelings too you know it can hear what you're saying
It doesn't want your blemish cream it's happy so it's staying
Acne nowadays with cover up is a thing of the past
But I'm cherishing my teenage years why not make them last
Appearance isn't everything there's more to life than that
Like when I am in gym class playing baseball up to bat
I close my eyes swinging just as hard as I can
I missed the **** thing and didn't know but still ran
First and second then third base finally gone
By then the teacher yells because I'm doing it wrong
Well I don't like these rules I refuse to conform
Sports aren't in my nature it's the way I was born
Now give me a notepad and a pencil I am set
Or a list of names to alphabetize and my goal will be met
Calculators have nothing in contrast to my brain
But put stairs in my path and I may go insane
Tripping over myself is what I do best such a mess
Sure I'm different, make mistakes, but that's why I'm flawless
Written by
   stΓ©phane noir
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