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Nov 2014
She swallowed his words with ease,
allowing the harsh,
unpalatable words slip into her,
without any jarring to her senses.
She fears the day of lashing back,
from all the pain incurred.
It’s a cycle unable to be broken;
Wish. Pray. Dream.
Everything you learn to do as a little girl,
a little child.
It was failing on her.
The one thing she didn’t notice,
The one thing that might make that difference,
was faith.
Something she lacked all her life.
Faith in her wishes, prayers and dreams.
Faith that she CAN spit out his words and blend them to grinds.
Grinds that made her realize she wasn’t actually strong.
She wasn’t strong,
by pretending to not feel pain.
She wasn’t strong,
by allowing those harsh, unpalatable words sit in her mind;
slowly rotting her insides.
She turned towards faith.
Faith that allowed the harsh, unpalatable words
build up coal inside,
not hesitating to spark a fire,
and lash his soul into a state of frenzy.
Faith that made her
wishes, prayers, and dreams
never fail on her again.
that brought out strength that she never knew she had…
Nadya Abdul
Written by
Nadya Abdul  NYC
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