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Nov 2014
The memory of us are so bittersweet.
I thought I could do it but it was time to say goodbye
There wasn’t anything left between us.
I held on to the memories..
I knew wouldn’t work out .

It was ****** from the beginning .
I love you but I hate you..
This the ending of us
The ending of our times together.

I am going to miss those moments of laughter we shared
You have made me cry to much
I have hurt you and you did the same

There was a fire burning thing between us.
We both held on to the edge of the cliff
It will be the ending of my misery
It was meant to be it will be..

I fell in love with you cause you held me so close
You were my security blanket that kept me insane.
There was loving and caring in those memories..

I did too.
But two wrongs don’t make a right.
But yet some how you manage to put the blame on me.

So here is to the bittersweet memories of us
Jaelin Rose
Written by
Jaelin Rose  New Jersey
(New Jersey)   
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