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Nov 2014
Smooth edged walls means she's okay
Clouds smeared across the sky means she still loves me
A hard, cold floor means she's having fun
A big dining room table means she's in her own little world
Chandeliers mean that she's thinking about beautiful things
Soft water and a beautiful sunset means she's sleepy
Little ducks circling their perimeter means she's waiting
The reflection at the watertop means she's intimate
A vast and heavy blue means she's imagining me at peace
A modern bed means she wishes I was hers
A telephone on the wall means she's getting me to stop crying
Perfect makeup means she's sorry
Expensive food means she's trying to be happy for me
A double rainbow means she hopes everything will be okay
A long car ride means she's regretting it
A reflected balloon means our romance is over
One last videocall means she doesn't love me anymore
A dark night and a tearful phone call means I'm begging her
A small bottle of shark teeth means she's sorry
One song meant that she was lying the whole time
The broken bottle of shark teeth means she can go to Hell.
Sheri Harrington
Written by
Sheri Harrington  Louisiana
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