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Nov 2014
In silence I sit not knowing
what to hear, feel, or say anymore.
My skin tingles
and the eyes of my mind
have become blind with numbness.
My heart is asleep,
waiting to be desensitized,
reborn, and
resuscitated with
new life,
self revived, born anew.
There is a variance and void playing hopscotch
along a traveled path
In my heart and mind
seemingly endless.


I have forgotten myself and
the meaning of my life is diluted with
self medicated thoughts and inhibitions.

I have missed my destination three times,
To the fourth power.

In self discovery, recovery is born and
I, momentarily, have stopped listening
to the malicious ridicule and flippant mockery of the many voices that
formerly apprehended me.

I am the earth inside myself, a genesis formed,
and as new light sheds away my former darkness,
I embrace the despotism of my soul, binding it's brokenness;
emancipating the heaviness of my vision so the he that is truly
in me, is able to
see and know his greatness.

The incarnate,
incarcerated inception brings life to procured thoughts
and in the imagination of my good self
I sit in silence waiting for the
final contraction to
me out
into my purpose
that was bred into
the fibers of
my soul, ages ago.

I have watched the sun rise and the moon set many seasons.
I have seen the sun creep through the valleys of my barrenness
casting an eclipse of validation on false evidence;
realities, appearing real,  

and the shadow of death
that has threatened to compromise my life,
many times over,
Its been a while since I last thoughts have been held captive by life's circumstances. My days have been dark, yet the light still shines. I pray someone will be encouraged by this scribe.
Dwayne Eugene Littleton
     Lior Gavra, Heather Tuggle and ---
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