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Oct 2014
Oh, decrepit world where we live
Who chose you?
Who is your creator?

Some say it is God
But I do not believe that the loving Lord
In whom I have been taught to believe
Would make something so heinous
So deceptive
So evil.
I find it a bit ironic.

People literally die to get out of this asylum every day.
Those people take their own lives.
Other are so angry about it they resort to violence
And they take the lives of others.
How can human being be so inhumane?
I find it a bit ironic.

Every day, our species
Who are supposedly different than the animal kingdom
Commits ****, homicide, slander and torture
And we are supposed to be more intelligent and rational
Than the other animals who tread along this planet?
I find it a bit ironic.

So, decrepit world
Do your devices derive from hate
When you were supposedly built out of love?
Christians say this
And while I love God
I find it a bit ironic.
Jordan Frances
Written by
Jordan Frances
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