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Oct 2014
I know that our first date felt more like the first day of my life. I know that when you talk too fast you stutter. I know that our first kiss tasted like vanilla frosting and yes this is a good thing. I know that your hand on my waist feels the way putting the last piece of a puzzle together does. I know that you apologize profusely about your clammy hands and I know that you probably won’t ever quit. I know that your pinky is crooked and you’re self-conscious about it even though it’s one of my favorite quirks. I know the way your eyes flutter across the pages of some old novel that neither of us want to read. I know that if my knee brushes against yours, you won’t move your leg out of the way. I also know that I will take full advantage of this. I know that the hair on your arm stands up when I touch your knee with my fingers. I know your laugh from a hallway away. I know that you’ll laugh at my jokes even if they’re not funny. I know that your dimples match your fathers. I know that sometimes you get sad and you don’t know why. I know that when you laugh, your head falls back. I know that the freckle on your left wrist matches the one on my right and I used to think they kissed when we held hands. I know that most nights you think of me. I know that when I pass you in the hall, I always forget to wave. I know that you will probably take it personally. I know that your favorite candy is skittles. I know your favorite color is either red or green wait maybe blue. I know that you hate long car rides and you love caramel. I know that you’re always reading a book about some war and I know that if I bring it up, you’ll talk about it forever.  I know that you get high pitched when you get excited and your voice cracks. I know that when you looked me in the eyes today, I thought I was going to throw up, in the good way. I know that the first time I met your mother, I was so nervous I thought I was going to crumble into a thousand pieces on the ground. I know how I felt when you left and how I felt as if I were drowning for a long time. I know that it only took me a month to learn what patience meant. And I know that it took me over six months for my patience to pay off. I know that love isn’t easy. I know that when you rest your head on your pillow, you’re always too many miles away. I know I love listening to you talk no matter what. I guess I know a lot about falling in love, but at the end of the day, I know nothing about love.
Written by
naivemoon  Maine
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