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Oct 2014
She want to get out
She's waiting to set free
Shes planning to have control all over me
Shes the monster i can not hold
Shes the part i try not to show
I caged her inside
Yet she's peeking through the holes
Im scared but I can not show
Shes the darkness shes my demons
Her freedom is deadly
letting her outis wrong
Shes something I can't control
Never thought I can
Never thought shes strong
She kills lies betrays and steal all in order to grow
Shes carving on the walls
Shes likw my shadow
I know shes there
I see her in the mirror
I see her everwhere
I dont want to give in  
I don't want to let go
I don't want to be the one caged inside
I don't want to just watch
I want to take the lead
I don't want to be scared
Written by
Aya Aburass
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