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Oct 2014
I'm constantly thinking and talking. My stories jump back and forth between decades.
        "Oh! Did I tell you about that time..? " I'd tell him.
        "Yeah, probably a hundred times." He'd say.
         We were just sitting there. In the bedroom; getting ******. We'd smoke until we were so ****** up we could barely talk.
         I looked at him and he was staring at his phone. His eyes looked closed. He needs ******* glasses.
         Once he looks at that dinosaur of a phone he's quite for at least twenty minutes. This is normally the time when my brain branches out. I'm losing more ideas than I am remembering. I wish there was a device that could organize and extract ideas and thoughts so you could review them.
           "I should be an inventor." I said this out loud. He didn't look up when he said, "Yeah?"
           "Yeah, I could do it." My self-esteem was incredibly high lately. I look good. I feel good. Most aspects of my life are over all incredibly good.

Too be continued...
Written by
Otter  everywhere
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