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Oct 2014
Volume I
On Growth

For now, we are young, and we take our time with everything we do.
Mimicking the last and final love of all things which have ever done so. And in this, we find that the world is so vast, so full, that no matter where you go, no matter who has taken you there, you are exactly what you see around you.
You are the beauty you observe in the world, and the beauty of that which you leave behind.
A constant balance of accepting and understanding of this place, versus the change and the color that you add to it, because despite what we do, that is what we were made for.

Volume II
How The World Teaches Us

By now, as we all have, we find the differences in others the way we remember the past; what truly stays with us are rarely the things we ever ask to.
Even heaven was built without hands, just like you and me, and yet the people ask to go places as if they are not already a destination themselves.
Even in empty rooms there is something to discover,
to learn the most in places with nothing to say and at all the long red lights in their passive meditation reminding us to love someone the same way they were created; not because their self, or their will, but because of purpose.
To love someone like nothing is small except everything that came before them, and if the body really is the dwelling place for the soul, it only sits there so it can be found.

Volume III
Better Than Real Life

The body itself is a contradiction, constantly growing and wilting at once. In time, we lose what we feel has been missing, and in turn, become nothing more than what we were meant to be, even if that is more than we would have ever considered.
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