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Dec 2009
The sea of your body is different
since the last time I set sail
and let my one paddle boat
get wrecked in your turbulent currents
and troubled winds.

But it was still you.

Your voice had change
like forgotten leaves in Autumn
and so has your face
interchangeable now in a crowd of many.

And it was still you.

With a different name
more peculiar than the last
and a whole new way of kissing
like only you know how.

But it was still you.

Returning after letting me fall
in the abyss of your absence
and forcing me to get used
to another kind of laughter.

But what if, this time it wasn't you?

And your body would remain the same over the years
and the style of love making
that's your own would stay here.

But it's still you.

And once again
like so many times before you walk away
Leaving a trail of questions
that will never find and answer.

But my path still leads me to you.

When I wake up to the sun of a new day,
inevitably I'll see you unexpectedly,
always on time, with a brand new look
and wearingΒ a different smile.

But it will still be you.

Because I will never be able to scape
this unforgiving fate
and I will always see you leave
walking away from me
while I wonder whether or not
it was still you.

I found you again.
Ottis Blades
Written by
Ottis Blades  New York City
(New York City)   
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