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Oct 2014
Everyone is passing by
Without ever looking behind,
and I can't help but wonder why
I feel lo empty inside.
In my face there's a smile,
but that's my way to hide.
That's the easiest way to lie:
let everyone think you are alright.

But I always wonder if someone cares.
I wonder if they remember my name.
I don't know if there is a place
where I can ever feel safe,
or if I have to face
that I march to a very different pace,
that I'll always have a different say,
that I just don't fit in any way.

"You are unique", is what I hear,
but that's exactly what I fear.
Alone is how I feel
Cause I have a different way of being.
So I let escape a tear
to remind me I'm still here
even when no one is near,
even when nothing is clear.

And I'm still here crying.
And it feels like dying.
And I don't want to keep trying.
I can't keep fighting
against something I don't see,
something that's not letting me breathe,
that's not letting me live.
I wonder...
Why does it hurt so much to be....?
Ariadna Parrales
Written by
Ariadna Parrales
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