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Sep 2014
Girlie, if you are reading this,
On the 14th
(Oh that dreaded number),
A year after we started,
They are going to take a peak
Inside of me.
You can guess what they'll see
You've seen it too.
The black tar building inside,
Overriding my everything until
It is some sort of dust.
The slashslashslash of the scars
And the sticky hatred
And disbelief disguised as
What can only be called walls.
But will they see you there,
Sleeping between my ribs
And breathing in and out of
My heart beat,
Which hasn't been regular for six months?
Are they going to see your
Fingerprints in my throat
From where I keep screaming
Your name a little too loudly in
My best and worst dreams?
Will they see the warning lights
And the color of your bed sheets?
I'm convinced they are only
Venturing into the darkness that is me
To find the light that is you.
Jessica Leigh
Written by
Jessica Leigh  US
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