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Jan 2011
How you delight to watch me struggle.
I’m tearing always at these bonds you’ve
shackled me with.
Like trying to breath in cellophane.
Waiting for the bottom to fall out.
In endings it is said that there
is a new beginning.
I won’t ask for that.
I want freedom.

For too long this mold you’ve cast
me in has been my identity.
Has been my purpose.
Chained to this floor while
the world spins and grows
and laughs and loves around me.

******* your nature.
The weight of your aspect hangs
about my neck.

I will touch that sky.
I will feel my finger tips graze
the surface of greatness.
I will be so hungry for more.
How will you keep me then?
Inspired by a poem of the same name, but far better quality, written by Lori Carlson.
Written by
Paul Glottaman
   Chris Chumley
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