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Sep 2014
Dana: there’s skin, bed, today.
Snow we’d make.

Land, air, sun… wrote rain.
Running, tired, west.
Cold winter half started.
‘Sweat’, says summer.

Gonna, moments ago, die.
Hit. Lie. Believe.

Broken. Felt. Sat. Lives hurt.
Fragile tomorrow wind:
Hell outside.

        ****** flowers.
        Eat brittle regret ***.

Lima couldn’t Damian;
break wave forever.
Kind times, leaving wondering days.
Dead drive; fly hard, wishing legs.

        Lights turned bones.
        Growing rich soon, lines
        raised: broke fog.
        Easy fighting names.

Drove car. Dinner. Worked.
Survive Monday, certainly.

Hung grief. Drank *******.
Expect usual ceremony rocket:
Sarah. Puck. ******* Cusco.
Connor, Corey: we’ve gone.

        Stone **** hot soft body.
        Dying, wanting. Undress.

Tied. Nights used.
Dawn gave secret pause,
Painting blood poems:
likely self story.
Gods weak, fall asleep.
Surely meaning darkness happen.
Suppose **** stayed, brought knowing?

Mountain hair.
True thousand strings, grasp getting
Gently heard. Endless floor.

Another about my wife. See previous poems for rules and structure.
J Arturo
Written by
J Arturo  Ecuador
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