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Jan 2011
It was raining hard and cold.
As i walked myself home away from the mad thunderbolts.
Shivering and starving, i felt it all.
Under clouds of storm that rolled.

Then i felt it very clearly.
Somebody was watching me intensely.
I turned around and saw a dark sillhouette of a man in the thick fog.
Walking towards me, alert like a dog.

Feeling cold on my back i kept walking, faster and frightened.
There was something eerie about him that forced me to hasten.
Like a dark shadow in the fog he kept following me silently.

I turned around once again and the man stopped moving.
He stared back at me, the wind kept howling.
And very slowly, as i watched him there, he was fading away, under the street lights.
He was turning into thin air as the fog covered him out of my sight.

He was gone completely...

I did not see it.
A car travelling at very high speed hit me hard.
I fell on the road and then i saw nothing.
It was all dark.

When i opened my eyes everything had changed around me.
Everything was blur and vague to see.
I saw differently.
I smelt differently.
I heard differently.
I felt differently.

And i saw a man walking by hurriedly.
I started to walk, following him silently.
Death is our forever stalker...
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