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Sep 2014
I can't even catch my breath as I try to connect all the dots and the thoughts while I tried to direct I forgot what I want so I sit and dissect what I've got it's a lot but I digress-

the future is what's next but I'm living in the moment, unfinished puzzle pieces don't connect there's nothing
but that means I've never ever been more right
Or laid eyes on such a perfect sight
If I lost my sense tonight
I wouldn't even put up a fight
Because the best is all that's next
My destiny manifests
I don't have to choose or guess
And the spots I thought were not important are really all I've got and man this life is not a nightmare but a dreamy twisted plot
it's as if I'm breaking free and seeing me I'm lifted in the air and viewing from above and man this life I've seen was new and filled with love
But here I am again I'm lifted high above your head and
I never knew a safer place than feeling close to death
But now I want to live right here with all of you beside me
and now I want to love the new with all the heart inside me
And all the air inside my lungs I couldn't catch before
Exasperated gasps expel a love I can't ignore
Connect the dots collect your thoughts move closer to the door
direct your wants
your haves and have nots
You're onto something more
abigail ruth
Written by
abigail ruth  los angeles
(los angeles)   
   Julie Butler and ---
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