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Dec 2010
Christmas Eve

I take a look at my watch...
It is Dec 24 1975....

I am walking myself into the forest.
Feeling strange like i will never rest.
Those trees looking back at me with caution.
Mistically i am drowning in a dark vision.

I see colours of white, blue, and green swirling swiftly before me.
Lines of horizon running freely as cosmical as they be.
Faces i have and have not seen whispering among the trees that are humming.
As i float i turn myself to the sky, yearning.

Then all of a sudden i find myself lying on the snow.
Still and hollow.
Gloomy shadows of the trees dancing vaguely on me.
Such a magic to see.

I take a look at my watch...
It is Dec 24, 1986...
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