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Aug 2014
Honesty is the best policy,
One we've chosen to abstain.
Honestly I'd rather you be honest with me;
Walking on eggshells we could refrain.

Tiptoeing around so we don't step upon the cracks in our floors,
Holding our breath tight so we don't breath in the thick truth-
God forbid we just speak honestly anymore,
God forbid we let all of the unsaid thoughts loose.

Honestly I can't say I know you like I once did,
And that's absolute fact.
All because we have absolutely forbid
Ourselves from a backtrack-

Backtracking to when we could actually talk without thinking before speaking
Or worrying about what we have said.
No worries of the truth leaking
From our honest hearts and heads.

I don't want your meaningless quips,
Your aimless remarks.
I prefered the small notes on slips,
Our conversations in the dark.

Honesty is the best policy,
A policy we tried and found true-
A policy we have declined to upkeep,
A policy we once knew.
Thankfully I have reconciled with an ex and it's really helped me continue to move on and be happier. Like I've always said he's a great person and I missed being his friend a lot when we broke up. Despite reconciling, we're both so guarded and careless towards a friendship and it's sad because I know deep down we both care a lot. Neither of us, though solely my speculation, are willing to speak up and honestly say "hey I really missed you and it ***** that this is what we are now but this is what it is." We've spent so long apart and so long pretending it didn't matter (at least on my behalf, a poor defense mechanism I'm apt to use) that I've started to believe it and I can't even have a solid conversation with him.
Written by
M  United States
(United States)   
   Emma and Joseph Schneider
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