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Dec 2010
When i first saw you i was not who i am.
Nor what i am.
You very slowly turned me into something i was not.
And i embraced the chance of being something new that you offered me.

You were so full of life.
You were so alive.
I felt like a ghost with you around.
I felt like dead.

You peeled off my face and gave me a new one.
I liked it though.
You ripped my heart out because you said i did not need one.
A gaping hole inside me would make me pain resistant.
Nothing would  bring me down if i could not feel, you said.

You were right...

I felt nothing cutting your throat.
I felt nothing ripping your heart out, leaving a gaping hole on your chest.
I felt nothing burying you two and a half feet under.

I feel nothing now.
I stick my fingers reluctantly into the hole where my heart used to be.

Written by
   --- and Katrina Kovach
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