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Dec 2010
He is walking down the road so happily. he is going to propose to the love of his life today. They had talked about this a few months ago. Living together without a shame. Having kids and becoming parents. What more could he want? Oh There she is standing at the door.... So beautiful and heavenly.... Looking into his eyes with such unbearable feelings.... He opens his mouth,begging on his knees....  'will you marry me........?' She smiles.''

And just like that i woke up finding myself standing in front of her house. It was raining. She had declined my proposal a few months ago. And ever since,every morning i always woke up and found myself sitting in front of her house,staring at it vaguely. The pine trees were my wittnesses. They saw a man who had been cutting wounds on his own heart.
And i walked myself home in misery.
I laid me down as i started to think of you.
If only you had said yes...
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
I got up and i saw you there at my door.
Smiling at me....
I could not believe my eyes.
You did not say anything but kept smiling as you walked across the room closer to me.

And i find myself standing in the rain.
Right before me lies your heavenly gravestone.
My love...
My beautiful love...
A big thank for Mr.Ferguson for allowing me to rearrange his great poem. Changed it a bit into my own elaboration. My own version of it.
Written by
   Andrea Klasnic
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