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Jul 2014
Close now
The storm approaches
Electric smells in the air
A running dog
Down the street

The screech of tires
Bump, another choice
The Hand of God
From windows glimpse
A woman kicks
The dog yelps
Limping, runs off

Clouds ahead, all over gray
Like my mood, my life
It's starts soon, reflecting mind
Someday, it all comes down

Tips and taps, just noise
Rain, then suddenly
The louder noise of hail
Breaking leaves, falling trees
So numb, a spectator of life
Great sparks, arcing high
Just in front, close lines clipped

Watching now, powerless, free
It's not for me, not mine
The lights go out, the smell of gas
Eyelids heavy, tired now
I must have light

A pretty candle, soft vanilla
Maybe a bath, maybe a nap
Maybe a snack; a nip
I light the match, it flares bright
Thunder outside, lightning behind
A beating, pounding storm
Against my cage

Tricked by night, dark thoughts too
My face is lined, no longer young
My children grown
My hair now gray
Skin loss taunt

Nothing left; I think back
To empty compliments
That I didn't believe
His eyes always pierced
Always to read
He said beautiful
Lies, I can see

I am done, take me please
Return me to love
Sait my desires, needs
Letters unsent, his desperate need
Words, fired, lies, unseen

Chilling night; please hold close
Ignore my words, just take me please
Tree limbs fall, the wind a fiend
Ache in my groin, lust and need
Not a specator's need, strong vanilla air

Hear the noise, hidden by walls
Doors slamming closed
Keep me from the rain, the wet
Falling a skies and tearing trees
God's quick Hand

Another candle, lighter red and long
I don't want this smell, oily slick
Snap, snap, click, click
It fires again, flares in black
But the fire is large, bright in quick
Everything burns; everything gone
Breathing fire, a spectator lost
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
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