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Dec 2010
I have come to see you.
But you remain silence.
I reach out to you.
And you walk away from me.

For you i have been through wounds and blood.
I ripped my heart out for you.
And crushed it into little pieces.
I wanted to show you how it hurt me to love you that much.

You turn to me.
For the very first time since you went away, you look into my eyes.
''I do not know you'' you say.

I nod my head.
I smile though it hurts to.

As i get home i walk down the hall to my room.

I can still smell your scent in here.
I can still feel your vague presence.
I can still see us making love so passionately in this bed.

Then i turn to the mirror.
I take a deep look into my soul.

My skin is getting paler.
My dark hair is getting lighter.

I raise my hands up in the air and my fingers have vanished.
I can not feel my heartbeat anymore.
I can not feel my blood running through my veins anymore.

I raise my head.
My eyes have gone.
Leaving two dark gaping holes.

My face is fading away.
I can see my own skull grinning at me.
As my skin crumbles.

Very slowly...
Very slowly i am turning into air...
You will never hear anything from me anymore.

The room is now completely empty.
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