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Jun 2014
The Only
One Left
Here A Stain
On My Heart
That Tells Us
Our Bars
Are Divided
By Love
We Were Born
All Alone
In A Cell
For Our Jailbreak
For Our Lives
To Be At Steak
To Be Free Of
Our Lives
Without Chains
Without Hate
We Are, Innocent
Of The River
Who Have Cried
Our Hearts Out
But Always
Always Abandoned
In The Cell
B59 It Is
I Have No Name
I Am A Lone Survivor
Seeing Blood
On Every Corner
Smeared In Killers
I Must Get Out Of
I Am A Wolf
With A Chain Over
My Heart
~Paris Styron~

B59 Is My
Name It Is
A Scar That
Has Numbers
That Are Black
And White
With Strips
59 A Number
A List
Of Neglect
Of Hatred People
Have Given Me
Long Enough
Loving Prison
Is A Place
Where My Acid
Where My Pain
~Paris Styron~

Is A Name
B Stands For
Burst Of Pain
59 Is A Number
Of The Number
Of Patience
I Have
Before I Break Down
In Tears
~Paris Styron~

Its Either Love
Or Be Loved
~Paris Styron~
Paris Styron Luke
Written by
Paris Styron Luke  Georgia
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