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Jun 2014
that's how callously compassionate and vainly godly
humanity has become under the Oligarchy.
nice men and women of all five colours,
sitting around comfortably in alcoholic stupidity,
with their thumbs up their bums,
trying so hard to keep shtum,
about the undeniable fact that
they cant drum up a drop of ***
between them.
Seriously babbling religiously godly nonsense,
wreathed in smelly Tobacco smoke mimicking incense,
abandoning pretense at conscience,
hating empowering commonsense,
lacking all  but nonsense.
with the mien of morticians
and the mendacious psychobabble of politicians
and the inspired madness of medical technicians
making badly placed cerebral incisions
and worst of all supporting
oligarchy inspired decisions.
About the "end  of  days and nights"
being put up for offers on the  "free market".
Dedicated to Democratic and Non-Democratic Govts everywhere
and their frothing at-the-mouth supporters.
Written by
mannley collins  in this body in yorkshire
(in this body in yorkshire)   
   mannley collins and Frisk
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