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Colors of Life: Poems and Songs and Sonnets by Max Eastman
IN YOUR lips moving fervently,
   Your eyes hot with fire,
Life seems immortally young with desire,
   Life seems impetuous,
   Hungrily free,
Having no faith but its burning to be.

   You could dance laughingly,
   Draw where you move,
Hearts, hands and voices pouring you love.
   Youth be a carnival,
   Life be the queen,
You could go dancing and singing and seen!

   Whence came that tenderness
   Cruel and wild,
Arming with ****** the hand of a child?
   Whence came that breaking fire,
   Nursed and caressed
With passion's white fingers for tyranny's breast?

   In your soul sacredly,
   Deeper than fear,
Burns there a miracle dreadful to hear?
   ****** of ******,
   Was it God's breath,
Begetting a savior, that filled you with Death?
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