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May 2014
i have learnt a lot about people;

that people can be weak in the strongest sense
like how ,
even though its three in the morning and the ones you choose to call
sends your calls into the voicemail
so you are completely alone
your thoughts and you,
and you're losing but you refuse to reach for that knife
the next morning, they will ask you why you called
and you will smile and you will say nothing
the cycle repeats
and you will hold on
that is weakness, in the strongest sense

and how people can be strong in the weakest sense
like how some will sweep you off your feet
with the way they say i love you
i love you
i love you before they rip you apart
like a tornado
and you will stay
because you love them
at three am, when all is quiet and the storm is gone
you will convince yourself that they love you
and that is being strong, in the weakest way

and maybe that's why
i have stopped dividing people
as weak and strong
because this world doesn't exist in black and white
only different shades of grey
Written by
疲れた  #illhueminati
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