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May 2014
You and I are like a long distance relationship that's stretches as far as my backyard.
I look out my bedroom window every evening and watch you change in and out of your twelve dresses, catching glimpses of your naked body without you noticing.

We are the wordless poets who write poems for our nicotine needles and wine addictions.
You lay beautifully on the clouds, as I lay quietly in my bed, and that's the closest we'll ever be with one another.

You don't realize that you are the one of whom my thoughts drift always when I set fire to my mind.

My soul yearns to rest in yours and dream until I die.

We could wrap ourselves in ribbons of moonshine and call ourselves a song to remember, and fall like leaves into each other while we sing sub-natural songs.

The sun is in your blood, your water is in mine.
For you I'd walk endlessly until the end of time.
Read books that were never divine.
My Dear; let us kiss until we die.
The wine is a symbol of unity.
Any other questions, just ask.
RAL Dobbins
Written by
RAL Dobbins  Georgia, United States
(Georgia, United States)   
   Livingdeadgirl, --- and ---
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