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Apr 2014
I’ve spent hours of my weekdays and weekends awake with you till moonlight fled and early sunlight touched the inside of my curtains. I know the flush on your face and and every the note of your bubbling laughter and the way your cheeks dimple when you smile like you were engraved into my skin
8 months of my life have been spent sailing blissful seas in this peace we call unconditional love
I’ve never touched you though your body crashes down on mine like waves when they reach the shore and yet I have touched you, built a home inside your heart the way you’ve built a home in mine
I touched you when we aligned the jagged edges of our fraying hearts together
Like the first strike of lightning in a thunderstorm, you are the electricity within my molecules, you are protons to my neutrons and electrons, balancing my equations with just the sound of my name leaving your lips. I cant touch metal without getting shocked
I’m shocked because I never knew I could love you this much
Never knew that you could spin me off my tilting axises and stabilize my twisting alterations bring calm to my internalized cataclysmic operations like a surgeon
My chest is a gaping chasm spanning into oblivion, my ribs the rafters over your head providing shelter and strength when yours fails
You’re like pandoras box but instead of letting out all the evils in the world when you’re opened you spill out infinite patience and adoration
You think the world of me and I know I’ve done nothing to deserve it but **** do I appreciate it,
I love you like dewdrops and grass love sunlight, like birds love the feeling of wind ruffling between their feathers
I love you like endless oceans of stars reaching towards forever, comprised of infinity and nebulas all twisting within my veins to create the single resonating song of your existence
Like we’d bumped into each other and mixed up our sheet music but somehow the two together made an even more beautiful noise than they did on their own
You are 11 hours away and in a month you’ll be even farther, I know you’re coming back  after the summer, continuing another year, 11 will be the number between our beds, the number of galaxies between my arms and yours, the amount of seconds I’ll have to wait when I see you before I scoop you into my arms
11 is the date of our monthly anniversaries and the number of times I’ll be kissing your lips to make sure you’re there when I hold you
11 is the number of times I’ll squeeze your hand, I’ll glance at you from the corner of my eyes, the number of stupid but silly jokes I crack to get you to smile, the number of beginnings and sonorous melodies
You are more mesmerizing than rainbows caused by moonlight, blue eyes deep as the vast void of space engulfing me in indigo flames, you shimmer like the scales of dragons and guppies, just as cute and magnificent,  
I wish I could paint constellations depicting your smile yet somehow I think even that would fail to do you the justice... No feat so great could profess my love as truly or as meaningful as sharing my heart with you,
There is no greater feeling of divinity than to whisper my devotion and have you know I mean it with every beat of my heart...
I could spend all of my weekends and weekdays awake with you till moonlight flees and sunlight touches the inside of my curtains
Nina Messina
Written by
Nina Messina  27/Non-binary/Pittsburgh
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