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Apr 2014
The moment you walked inside my door
I knew that I don't need no more
You have transformed my life into paradise
Heaven must have programmed you

The moment you fell inside my dreams
I realized all I had not seen
You make me happy just by your presence
Heaven must have programmed you

You are like a four leaf clover;
Hard to find, lucky to have
For your sake, I would pay any price
For you I can even turn light into dark
It's your special day so make it grand

No one can make me smile the way that you do
Without you I feel so low, so sad, so blue
Your eyes take me to a world unknown
I know!! I'm blind in love with you

You worked your charm the first day we met
Your face is something I can never forget
I'm so glad were close friends
Without you I find myself so blue

Times might change;
The universe might change;
But my love for you shall never fade
You are worth melting for
You are brighter than the sunshine
And calmer than the moon
You brighten up our mornings
And also our afternoons
You are so special to us; words can never ever explain

If one fine day your feeling lonely and without a friend;
Come to me, I'll remind you that our friendship has no end
If one fine day you want someone to listen to you;
Come to me, I'll listen so that you won't feel sad too
If one fine day you just wanna runaway;
Come to me, I promise I'll  show you the right place

Not because you love bradley or Chris or even Channing, I understand you
Not because you were born in April, I love you
Not because you scold, I respect you
Not because your strong, I'm close to you
For it is the care and concern you show

Dearest kinda,
You are an irresistible charm,
We promise to always be their for you,
We will always cherish you in our hearts,
Within you, I found the perfect friend, someone who I know will be their till the very end;
Today must be your birthday,
Because the sun is shining bright;
And the clouds that were hiding it are nowhere near sight;
You're a wonderful person kinda and a special friend too
You deserve all the best and I do too;
I hope that today is filled with happiness and your dreams come true;
Happy Birthday Kinda!
Even the amount of stars in the sky and hair strands on your head can't describe the need of you for me and the love of it too;
Dedicated to kinda
Zein Bdeir
Written by
Zein Bdeir  San Diego- Cali- USA
(San Diego- Cali- USA)   
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