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Mar 2014
I want to yell at you for leaving me
I want to call you every name in the book
I want to slam the door in your face so you know how it feels
I want to make you realize that you were wrong
I want you to know how much pain I went through when you left
And how much I’m still going through
I want you to see how you leaving affected me
It’s been awhile
But the pain hasn't stopped
Neither have the tears
While I’m lying awake at night
Restless from the recurring nightmares
This is what I think about
Every single day is a struggle
I’m tired of feeling like I’ll never amount to anything
I’m tired of living every day in fear
And feeling worthless
I know I’m wrong for talking to you
And I know I’m wrong for caring about you
Despite all of this
I know I will keep putting myself through all this
I will stay
*But only because I love you
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