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Mar 2014
I still remember the day we met
We were too shy to say much or to act much
We just stood there;
It’s funny
The way we saw each other back then
For now we’re more than just friends
We’re having the time of our lives;
Our bond is extremely special
It’s unique in its own way
We have something irreplaceable
I love you more and more each day
We’ve been through so much together
In all those moments we shared
I will never forget how much I loved you
Neither how much you cared
I still wonder how different I thought you were
I’ve always wanted to be your friend
But something just wouldn’t let us
And I hope you can comprehend.
But now you’re like a sister to me
My hand sinks in yours,
The depth of a sea

You are a book
That we read,
We flip the pages till our brains could not manage
We laughed at your stories
And we cried at your tails
But there was never a time,
When your lines gave us brain damage

Day and night you give me light, whenever I'm out of sight
You always ask the breeze, to wipe away all my tears, whenever I can sense the fear
You are the sun that lights my day, and the stars that brighten my day
You are like a firefly that kisses me goodnight

Me without you is like a year without April and a car without its tires
Me without you is like a phone without a dial, a heart missing it's beat, and a clock without a tick tock
Me without you is like a sentence with no spaces, a fire without heat, a circuit without its wires

When you're sad and depressed I will be here to put a smile on your face
When you're angry and frustrated I will be here to calm you down
When you're hurt and in tears I will be right here to mend the pain
When you're lonely and have no one, I will be here to comfort you
When you're feeling unloved and unwanted i will be here to tell you how very important you are
When you're having a bad day I will be here to let off your steam and yell at me
When there is something on you're mind or no one wants to listen to you I will be here to listen and help
When you're lost in confusion I will be here to help you figure things out
When you feel like you're going crazy I will be here to bring you back to sanity
When you're scared and frightened, I will be here to protect you and make you feel safe
When you are full of worries I will be here to worry with you
When you fall down I will be here to help you up but of course after laughing my face off
When you're so overwhelmed and need to get away I will be here with open arms so we can runaway together

I promise I will never leave you're side no matter what not today not tomorrow or not ever

We love you Celo
And this poem is for you to know
God made us besties
Because no mother can handle our craziness, nor our flow
Dedicated To Celo; My Bestie
Zein Bdeir
Written by
Zein Bdeir  San Diego- Cali- USA
(San Diego- Cali- USA)   
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