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Mar 2014
The idyll which is deadly
to the transient mind
Aloft in the empty desire
to take nary a single step
to refuse oneself
to do nothing

The uncontrollable want which is deadly
to the fickle body
Drowning in irrational need
to consume
to devour oneself
until there is nothing left

The desperate craving which is deadly
to the unsatisfied palm
Reveling in destructive yearning
for things not needed
for things impossible to have
until rich with nothing

The mindless drive which is deadly
to the sinful being
Swamped in instinctive sensuality
of the pleasuring flesh
of the touching skin
until thoughts are nothing

The reined malice which is deadly
to the defenseless heart
Unseeing in the loathing for others' triumph
as the resentment festers
as the bitterness thrives
until the bloodstream is nothing but poison

The burning rage which is deadly
to the peaceful soul
Cowering behind the crimson mask
of latent fear
of suppressed weakness
until nothing but hatred exists

The lofty eye which is deadly
to the humble person
Flying above the breathing clouds
above the fabric of reality
above heaven's brilliance
until the sky falls

until the earth is nothing.
Denise Ann
Written by
Denise Ann
   Zak Krug
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