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Mar 2014
Believe it or not, I started these thoughts in the shower
And I went right to work, didn’t want it to sour
Thinking about life and such, like one does in the loo
I had this idea in my head that just started to brew

See, when one thinks of a poem, most simply think rhyme
However, most poems don’t rhyme all the time
Some simply rhyme like a hint of lime with your Sprite

Wait, Sprite? That wasn’t close enough
As a matter of fact, it really sounded quite rough
But you see this pattern of rhymes that I have created
Has made you hunger for rhymes and it just can’t be sated
So I will stick to rhymes because I have created a rhythm
And I will try to be as creative as I can with ‘em

Now, how ‘bout I tell you a little about me?
I have a family of five, I’m middle child of three
I play hockey and lacrosse, and I hit off the tee
Always lived in New Hampshire, represent 603

West High is my school, that’s why I’m up here
Competing to be Mr. West for the year
Others are up to show off their skill
But to be honest, I am doing this to test my own will

You see, I have always been the reluctant type
I have never been one to get caught in the hype
In all truth, I believe one of my greatest fears
Is to be judged or ridiculed by all of my peers

So here I stand, in front of all of you
I have broken the veil of doubt, let my colors shine through
But back to the fun, my purpose now clear
For I have shown to you I no longer fear

My mom and I have a nickname for me
The “high school oxymoron” it is, you see
I play  some sports, which I told you earlier
I’m 2nd in the class, but I’m no Vernier
I’m also a Catholic kid, praise be to God
As you can see, my experience has become quite broad
And let’s not forget, the band I adore
For without music, life would be a bore

But enough about me, let’s talk about West
Some even call this school the best
I agree with them, this place isn’t bad
Some just talk poorly about it, but I think  it’s rad

Some people say, “Well, our sports ****!”
And I agree to a degree, but it’s sort of good luck
Whereas other schools have tryouts, and teams make cuts
Everyone who wants to can play, if they have the guts

And let’s not forget Commander’s cadets
Because the only ROTC program in the city’s at West
Or how about our students blue-and-white armored
Two of the last for tops in the class went to Harvard

We also have musical talent, no one can debate
And it shows with our track record of attending All-State
So I hope that these lines have helped you to see
That West is a perfectly great place to be

Time to wrap this up, however you should know
I really hope you all enjoy this show
And to all the contestants, I wish you the best
As we all compete for the title, Mr. West.
This poem I use as my talent for a male's pageant at my high school called Mr. West. It's a pageant that the senior guys put on and basically make a fool of ourselves doing it.
Written by
Noah  New Hampshire
(New Hampshire)   
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