Mar 2014

Add as an ornament me,
I often be ashamed that.

Yours levities are
About me only
Bear a burden you
Don’t know my deep affection.

At your shadow war
Use as weapon me,
And my nearness
Make as precaution you.
In the flow of season
Me and you
Twist in two way.
You as in
And I also out.
Thus we are
Become goddess and slave.

I am deduct my life
Wear out olden memories
In this stepping stone.
And you; brooding
In golden veil of dreams
No blossom at anytime
On your dreams
Don’t get my thoughts
And journey words.

At the village ways
In soften silence
Small ants getting
For worship
They are coming
With a row
And roosting
My wet chest
I like it
They wish
Friendship with me

Am I become whose saviour?
Answer of this question is
Now my research topic
In this evening
Remove you my friendship.
When you re wear it?
Until then,
In freezes dew
Like cursed stone
Me alone
========== C N Kumar.

C N Kumar
Written by
C N Kumar  Kollam, Kerala , S India
(Kollam, Kerala , S India)   
   Shiraz Vtanappally and ---
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